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EW interview with Chris Weitz has a nice little interview with Chris Weitz up on their website. Chris talks about turning the book into a movie, the reviews, the paparazzi, and much more. My favorite part of the interview is when he talks about Taylor and Kristen:

What do you think is Taylor’s best scene?
When he jumps into Bella’s room. There is so much pathos there even though it’s melodrama, there’s something touching about it. Or maybe the last moment he has, just when he says Bella’s name. You sort of understand just how crushed he is at that moment. There are a few times where he’s absolutely that guy and it’s really lovely. He’s that guy for the fans and that’s what I always thought he could do.

Do you think Kristen evolved as an actor in this movie?
I’m not sure she evolved as much as she had room to run. She’s a thoroughbred as far as actors go. To me, she can do no wrong. The experience of working with her and the caliber of work she was doing was pretty extraordinary. Let’s put aside girl in love with a vampire, her ability to manifest these emotions below the surface, above the surface just to get things right. She’s extraordinarily exacting of herself and in those moments where I was able to give her the room to do that are things I’m very proud of. That’s a high point.

Click here to read the entire EW interview with Chris Weitz

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