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Taylor featured in GQ

Source: GQ

In the July 2010 cover story of GQ, we fall in love with Taylor Lautner all over again as he talks about the blessings that the Twilight saga has afforded him and all the happy little coincidences that happened in order for Taylor to be where he is today.

Here’s a quick snippet of the interview:

Lautner, 18, sits down and begins to tell me how honored he is to be here, how honored he’s been to be everywhere lately. Like at this year’s Oscars, where he introduced a tribute to horror films alongside Stewart. “I would have passed out if she wasn’t there!” Lautner says. “You’re looking down and you’re talking to George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio—and they’re listening to you!” This is his baseline sentiment: honest, enthusiastic bafflement. It’s probably the only suitable reaction. He talks about the MTV Video Music Awards, where he presented a trophy to his then maybe-girlfriend Taylor Swift, only to watch Kanye snatch the microphone. “I was standing behind her as it was happening, and 100 percent I was sure it was staged!” Lautner says, eyebrows raised. “I thought, ‘This was something that they rehearsed.’ I was enjoying the show! But then Taylor turned around and I saw her face.”

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Click here to read Taylor’s entire interview and check out more pictures

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