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Elizabeth Reaser talks with EW

Elizabeth Reaser shared her five favorite filming moments from Eclipse with EW. Check out one of those moments below.

“There was an action scene I did with Peter [Facinelli] where we were in a battle. We fight together — because we’re a team and he’s so protective he wouldn’t let me fight by myself — it’s pretty intense. We both do some intensely violent things, which was pretty scary. And I didn’t enjoy that stuff. I realized I don’t like pretending to hit people because it kind of makes me feel bad, like what if I hit them [for real]? What if I get nervous? And so the director was like, ‘You’re not getting mad.’ He tried to piss me off and it worked. [Laughs] He started yelling things at me off-camera to genuinely make me mad. So then I got really mad and he was like, ‘Yea!’ It was a weird thing but a great tactic on his part.”

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