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Eclipse star portraits from EW

Some of the Eclipse stars including Ashley Greene, Peter Facinelli, and Bryce Dallas Howard are featured on EW’s website. Check out some of the pictures and quotes below.

Source: EW

”Alice is lithe, like a dancer, so we did much more of a Cirque du Soleil spin on Alice’s fighting, which was really cool. I grew up with a martial-arts background, plus I did acrobatics and tae kwon do. It was great to get back to that world.”

Source: EW

”I had already read all the books and I had seen Twilight, like, four or five times in the theater. One of my closest friends even made me a stack of Post-it notes for my birthday with Robert Pattinson’s face on it, because he knows how obsessed I am with Edward Cullen. I love him.”

Source: EW

”The fans never make me feel like I have a small part. If you strip away the vampire story, people relate to the family who sticks up for one another and wants to protect each other and are ready to battle for one another. It becomes just as important as the love triangle.”

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