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Anna Kendrick talks with Interview Magazine

Anna Kendrick chatted with Interview Magazine regarding her new film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Eclipse, and the upcoming Breaking Dawn.

BANKOFF: Twilight: Eclipse came out earlier this summer. Are those releases extra stressful for you, because they’re so high-profile?

KENDRICK: Now I know what I’m doing, so it’s easier. With any other movie, you’re entering new territory, so it’s quite different to be involved in something where it’s the same characters, and the same people. You know what to expect out of the premieres and the press and stuff. So it’s actually kind of nice, because you don’t get very much routine in this job, and it’s actually sort of interesting. It’s like an annual party or something.

BANKOFF: Have you guys started doing any work on filming…?

KENDRICK: On Breaking Dawn? I know nothing. I literally know nothing.

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