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University Twilight course

How cool is this? According to Twilight Examiner, California State University, San Marcos is offering a Twilight course whose course description reads as follows:

Topics in Women’s Studies: Twilight: The Text and the Fandom
Examines the Twilight saga and the resulting fandom. Explores Twlight in relation to the social and cultural construction of gender and gendered identities in contemporary U.S. culture. Using an intersectional lens emphasizing gender, race, class, sexuality, and belief, provides students with the conceptual and analytical foundations to think more deeply about popular culture and its impact. Covers vampire lore, the romantic core of the series, female characters and fans, the depiction of men and masculinity, religious contexts, race and white privilege, the franchising of Twilight, and various cultural contexts such as abstinence only education and the rise of internet fandoms. This course carries General Education certification in area CC.

The professor of the course, Natalie Wilson, is also updating the public about the course on her Seduced by Twilight blog

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