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Twilight panel at Comic-Con

In order to insure my entrance into the Twilight panel for Comic-Con this year, I (with the best partner in the world) decided to camp out in line with a couple hundred other Twihards the night before the panel. I arrived around 5pm with dinner, a huge beach towel, 2 portable camping chairs, and my entertainment for the night which included some reading, some games, and my trusty iPod. I had a great place in line and was very excited though I wasn’t sure how I was going to survive spending 18 hours in line.

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As the night went on not too many other people joined the line and I made a quick mental note that if Twilight returns for Comic-Con in 2012 I could probably arrive around 4am and still be in a fantastic position in line. I also noted that I better take a class on successful camping and bring a thicker blanket next time — it was freezing.

Around 6am the Twitter-verse started going a buzz with Twilight related news promising many surprises for the fans waiting in line at Comic-Con. And then the surprises started and kept on coming.

Fans in line, especially those who had slept overnight, were given a breakfast of apples, bananas, and muffins with juice and water branded with the Breaking Dawn logo.  Then the Breaking Dawn mugs and posters were handed out.  I felt like I had hit the jackpot with all these awesome items then the big surprise came — Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Elizabeth Reaser, Boo Boo Stewart, and Julia Jones walked the lines filled with Twilight campers and signed posters and mugs and took pictures with the fans.  Simply AMAZING!  With these generous gestures, Summit Entertainment and the Twilight actors re-energized a crowd that had spent hours and hours waiting in line.

After all this excitement, everyone thought the surprises were done for the day but another great opportunity came our way.  A staff representative came through the line allowing each person to pick a raffle ticket.  If you pulled a raffle ticket with a special sign on it, you were given a wristband for entrance into an autograph signing with Rob, Kristen, and Taylor.  There were only 50 wristbands to giveaway and though I did not win a few girls around me did and they were very excited to say the least.

After a couple more hours of waiting, we were let in to the infamous Hall H for the panel. Director Bill Condon, Rob, Kristen, Taylor, Ashley, Nikki, Elizabeth, and Julia screened two clips from the movie for fans and answered questions. The clips were of a confrontation between Jacob’s pack and Sam’s pack and a very endearing and funny honeymoon scene with Edward and Bella. This film seems to have a very different feel than the others and looks very promising.

Audience questions were a snoozer. Nothing really interesting was asked that we all haven’t heard or read before. If you want to see a good interview from Comic-Con, check out the press panel videos by clicking here.

At the very end of the panel, raffle tickets were given out and few winners were chosen at random to attend the Summit Entertainment party that night. Yet again I wasn’t a lucky winner but enjoyed the entire Twilight camping and panel experience nevertheless.

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