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Meet the Wolfpack via InStyle

Source: InStyle

InStyle has a short little slideshow on their website featuring some of the actors who play members of the Wolf Pack & Emily.

Click here to take see the great photos and short interviews done with the cast.

Thanks to Khia for the link!

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Getting to know the Wolf Pack

The Los Angeles Times give us a little insight into Eclipse from three of the actors who portray members of the Wolf Pack. Alex Meraz (Paul), Julia Jones (Leah), and Chaske Spencer (Sam) chat a little bit about the Twilight fame, their characters, and the upcoming Eclipse film.

Read the LA Times article here

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Wolf Pack

Wolf Pack
Source: USA Today

Check out the New Moon wolf pack. All of the actors are of Native American heritage. From left to right: Alex Meraz who play Paul, Chaske Spencer who plays Sam, Bronson Pelletier who plays Jared and Kiowa Gordon who play Embry.

Read more about the wolf pack and the actors who play them here and here.

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