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Enter the lawyers

So it looks like this whole drama with Rachelle Lefevre being replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard isn’t going to go away any time soon. According to E! Online, lawyers are now involved in this dispute as Rachelle reportedly still wants to get paid.

E! Online also reports that fellow cast members are upset by the news of Rachelle leaving the cast but have been told to not talk toomuch about it.

I wonder how this one will end up.

Read more about the Rachelle’s exit from the Twilight cast here

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Rachelle Lefevre gets the boot

E! Online is reporting that Rachelle Lefevre, who plays the vengeful Victoria in the Twilight and New Moon films has been replaced by actress Bryce Dallas Howard. Summit Entertainment claims that Rachelle failed to notify them until the last minute about a project she was doing in Europe which conflicted with the Eclipse filming and rehearsal schedule. According to the E! Online article, Rachelle said she is “stunned” by the decision.

Read more about the replacement of Rachelle Lefevre from E! Online here and more on the statement from Rachelle Lefevre here

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Twilight DVD sells over 3 million in first day

Summit Entertainment is reporting that the Twilight DVD has sold over 3 million copies in its very first day of release. With the help of multiple midnight release parties across the country, fans helped make the Twilight DVD become one of the top five best first day DVD releases in the past two years.

Wondering which Twilight stars showed up to what city for the DVD release? See below:

Rachelle Lefevre – Salt Lake City
Ashley Greene – Los Angeles
Catherine Hardwicke – Dallas
Edi Gathegi – New York
Nikki Reed – Chicago

Read the Summit Entertainment press release here

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