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Countdown of MTV’s favorite Rob moments

In honor of MTV First: Robert Pattinson, an interview with Rob, MTV counted down their favorite top 5 Rob moments over the years.

Number 5: First Twilight Interview

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Number 4: 2010 MTV Movie Awards Best Kiss

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Number 3: Rob’s Oscar Debut

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Number 2: Glitter Lube

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Number 1: “We’re Live”

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Bella’s wedding dress

Bella's wedding dress - Monique Lhuillier

The InStyle website has some designers’ takes of what Bella’s wedding dress might look like. My favorite is the one pictured above from Monique Lhuillier.

Check out the entire wedding dress gallery here

Thanks to Khia for the info!

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Caius cast

E! Online reports that British actor, Jamie Campbell Bower, will portray the Volturi’s Caius in New Moon. It seems Jamie is in the know about who else will round out the Volturi’s crew but he isn’t saying a word.

Read the E! Online article here

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Little Ashes release date pushed back

According to Pattinson Online the release of Little Ashes has been moved back to May 8, 2009. Apparently the company handling the release of Little Ashes has another movie that needs their attention at this time. So I guess we’ll all have to wait a little longer to see Rob on the big screen again.

Read the Pattinson Online article here

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A little upset

A couple of weeks ago I heard that Rob Pattinson would be on the cover of EW again for the December 5, 2008 issue. As a subscriber of EW, I was very happy that they were taking such an interest in Rob and the whole Twilight phenomenon. Naturally, I was super excited and anxiously awaited my issue. To my dismay my issue came but DID NOT have Rob on the cover…instead Meryl Streep’s face greeted my anxious eyes. I thought this was odd as I remember the magazine being advertised with Rob on it. So I contacted EW asking them to please send me the Rob issue. Here is an excerpt of what I was told:

Thank you for contacting ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY Customer Service.

In response to your inquiry, there were two different covers for the December 5, 2008, issue of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY. The issue that was sent to subscribers featured Meryl Streep, and the issue that was delivered to the newsstand featured Twilight. We will not be replacing the issue because of the covers. Both issues contain the same content. If you would the different cover, you will either need purchase issue on the newsstand or through our Single Copy department.

This makes absolutely no sense to me. Why would you print two different covers? It’s one magazine…print the same cover for everyone. So to make a long story short, I was a little perplexed by the fact that one cover would be advertised but two sent out and I was a little upset by what I found to be a lack of good customer service.

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